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China Denies Visa

8 July 2019

Chinese visas are normally not difficult to get, especially for Indian think-tanks and journalists invited by their counterparts for seminars and conferences. The Chinese embassy in Delhi too organises group visits for journalists and even funds a year-long residency programme for willing Indian journalists. But the Chinese are also touchy about people who simultaneously maintain good relations with Taiwan. Or so it seems. Last week a 10-member delegation of well-known think tank India Foundation had to postpone its visit to Shanghai and Chengdu at the last moment because delegation leader VAdm Shekhar Sinha, former Chief of Indian Navy’s Western Command and Member of the Board of Trustees of India Foundation, was refused a visa by the Chinese Embassy, apparently because he had on his passport a Taiwanese visa when he visited Taipei at the invitation of the Chief of the Taiwanese Navy recently. The India Foundation Delegation, which had a mix of researchers, analysts and former members of Parliament, was invited to China by the Centre for South Asian Studies of the Shanghai-based Fudan University.

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