Ashley Tellis has…

4 September 2018

Ashley Tellis has been a favourite of the U.S. strategic establishment for many years, that is until Trump happened.  Word is he’s on the margins of the Trump circle because he’s regarded as a loyalist of the late Senator John McCain, whom we all know the current president disliked.  So is Tellis trying to get back into the groove?  Read his piece on the Carnegie Endowment website, provocatively titled ‘How Can India U.S. Relations Survive The S-400 Deal?’  Tellis writes that India must stop grandstanding, cease its swagger of strategic autonomy and not buy the S-400.  The alternative is strategic collision with Washington, he warns.  The sense here is Tellis may have an axe to grind, but it could also be a signal that Washington will steadily ratchet up the pressure on Delhi to buy more American hardware.  India is unlikely to succumb but the pressure will be to Make in India and Make it Fast.

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