‘2+2’ Analysis

Eye On China, India & U.S. Edge Closer

India and U.S. today further consolidated their strategic partnership by signing another foundational agreement and reiterati...

Team SNI, 6 September 2018
Top Story

COMCASA Signed, Defence Continues to Spur India-U.S. Ties

India and the United States on Thursday signed the Communication and Information ...

Nitin A Gokhale, 6 September 2018
'2+2' Talks

Expectations from the ‘2+2’ Talks

A look at the key outcomes both India and the US are looking for after the day-long talks in New Delhi https://www.youtube...

, 5 September 2018
Video of the day

‘Syria Is For Trade And Tourism, Not Terrorism’

The big headline from Syria is the UN warning of the world’s worst loss of life this century with Government and Russian fo...

Amitabh P Revi, Damascus 11 September 2018
Analysis: Indo-Pacific

Looking Towards A Wider Indo-Pacific Strategy In The United States

The Indian government has concerns that the U.S. concept of Indo-Pacific security is overwhelmingly tilted towards Pacific se...

Richard M. Rossow, 11 September 2018