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‘Trump & Kim Have Been Working Behind The Scenes For This Historic Step On The DMZ’

Surya Gangadharan, New Delhi 1 July 2019

It was a giant leap for Donald Trump: After the failed February summit in Vietnam with North Korea's Kim Jong-Un, the two lea...

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Trade, 5G Discussed As Modi, Trump Meet On Sidelines Of G20

Surya Gangadharan, New Delhi 28 June 2019

If anybody was expecting fireworks during the Modi-Trump bilateral, they would have been disa...

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Differences Remain, Agree India & U.S. But Committed To Solid Ties

Parul Chandra and Surya Gangadharan, New Delhi 26 June 2019

India and the U.S. appeared to have agreed to disagree and parted with friendship despite the...

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Trump Administration Transactional But Under Modi 2.0 Will Find India No Pushover

Team SNI, New Delhi 26 June 2019

New Delhi and Washington will be seeking to “get to know each other” amidst a general percep...

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The India-U.S. Crisis Managers

Team SNI, New Delhi 25 June 2019

As U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo embarks on his India visit amidst strain in ties between the two countries due to a ho...

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Amid Strain In India-U.S. Ties, Pompeo Visit Comes As Ice-Breaker

Surya Gangadharan, New Delhi 25 June 2019

There is no structured agenda for the talks between visiting U.S.Secretary of State Mike Pomp...

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U.S. Needs India As Well; So Will It Be Give And Take?

Surya Gangadharan, New Delhi 24 June 2019

The big stick or carrots? Perhaps both. Media coverage about the visit on Tuesday of U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has ...

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India-U.S. Ties Under Pressure From Trade Disputes

Seema Sirohi, Washington DC 22 June 2019

It shouldn’t have come to this but it has. The India-U.S. relationship is being held hostag...

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Trump’s Visit Shows That Despite Hiccups U.S.-UK Relationship Is Still ‘Special’

Ashwin Ahmad, New Delhi 8 June 2019

The recent visit by U.S. President Donald Trump to the UK has done much to assure everyone that the special relationship is s...

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U.S. Indo-Pacific Report Threatens China, Offers No Fresh Insights On India

Surya Gangadharan, New Delhi 3 June 2019

The latest U.S. Defense Department report on the Indo-Pacific has China and Russia firmly in ...

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