Pakistan Must Realise It Is Not Going To Win In Kashmir, Says India’s Army Chief

Nitin A. Gokhale New Delhi 6 December 2018

Gen Bipin Rawat in this exclusive interview with our Editor-in-/chief Nitin A. Gokhale talks about J&K, the different meanings of Azadi, Situation along India’s China border and much more .



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  • A well structured interview – conveying a wide range of issues of interest. However, following vital questions remain unanswered:
    1. CCOSC is reported to have expressed his disappointment over CAS’s stand on formation of Theatre Commands?
    a). Is this just an issue imagined by the Media?
    b). What did CAS mean?
    c). What were the proposals on the table?
    d). What were CAS’s objections ?
    2. The COAS’s response seems to indicate that the concept of Unified Functional Command ( i.e. Cyber, Space and SF) are on track?
    a). Have these been put under CIS ? OR CCOSC?
    b). Is this only an in principle Agreement with each Service initially putting together an independent Service Centric Cells?
    c). What about Military Logistics?
    d). Has the earlier Operational Logistics concept been absorbed in the IBG concept?
    3. Is the Integrated Battle Group concept confined to operational elements of the Army only?
    a). What about the Air Support elements of the IAF?
    b). What about the Integrated Army Logistics?
    4. It would seem that the A&NC which was launched in 2002 is now being show cased to demonstrate the progress made on the Theatre Command concept front?
    a). That is far from the reality. Even before the CCS’s decision of 2002 a TriService Command FORTRAN under FOCinC (ENC) existed. A&NC was realized entirely under the largess of the IN with the understanding that the other Theater Commands would follow as envisaged by the CCS.
    b). Has the A&NC been put under Operational, Administrative & Technical Command of CIS ? CCOSC? FOCinC (ENC)?
    5. What task has been assigned to the four studies ordered by the COAS?

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