Image Courtesy: Maumoon Reform Movement
Maldives Elections

‘India Should Intervene If Maldives Polls Are Rigged’

Amitabh P. Revi New Delhi 24 September 2018

While results for the Maldivian presidential election come in thick and fast, jailed ex-President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s camp (Maumoon is current President Abdulla Yameen’s half brother) spoke to SNI. Ahmed Anoosh of the Maumoon Reform Movement, who is also a TV presenter spoke to SNI over the phone from Male. Some excerpts:

“We are optimistic that the combined opposition will win this election. Exit polls (taken before polls closed) show 63% for our candidate. We are very concerned about the Election Commission’s behaviour and actions before the polls. We hope all institutions of the state, including the Election Commission, the Police and Army will respect the will of the people. If polls are rigged, we hope India and the international community will restore democracy and the will of the people. Ibu Solih (the combined opposition candidate) has promised to release President Maumoon Gayoom and all political detainees on Day 1 in power. President Yameen has no choice but to return the Maldives PPM( Progressive Party of Maldives) to its real owner-President Maumoon Gayoom”.

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