India’s New National Security Architecture Explained

Nitin A Gokhale New Delhi, India 3 November 2018

After being in the works for over a couple of years, India now has a new system in place for managing its national security. Who all are the key players in the new scheme of things, what are their key responsibilities and what is the chain of command? Nitin A Gokhale breaks it down for you.


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  • Some fundamentals still remain ambiguous.
    Is NSA confined to advisory role – same as in USA?
    In context of NCA Executive Council:
    (a). On 06 Feb 2005 – Dr R Chidambaram in a press release indicated that pending appointment of CDS – the CCOSC would function as the Chairman .
    (b). Former NSA late Shri Brijesh had publicly intimated that a powerful NSA, who is not accountable to Parliament is not acceptable. And further added that it was never envisaged that NSA would head the NCA Executive Council.

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