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Why Kashmir Faces Threat From Islamic State Of Khorasan

Vappala Balachandran, Mumbai 16 August 2019

As one who has been tracking the Taliban from its birth in 1994, I find it very difficult to agr...

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For Britain, Kashmir Remains The Unfinished Business Of Partition

Ashwin Ahmad, New Delhi 14 August 2019

Social media was abuzz with activity as both Indian and Indian origin netizens, reacted strongly...

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Alarmist: India Snubs Pak Retaliatory Moves To Article 370 Scrapping

Parul Chandra, New Delhi 9 August 2019

When U.S. state department’s pointsperson for South and Central Asian Affairs Alice G Wells lands in New Delhi on Monday, J...

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How The World Is Preparing For 5G

Team SNI, New Delhi 8 August 2019

As India explores its 5G options, how is the rest of the world moving? Briefly, Huawei has littl...

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We Are With You: NSA Visits Shopian, Reassures People

Team SNI, New Delhi 8 August 2019 Pakistan may have been crying hoarse about India withdrawing J&K’s Special...

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Sushma Swaraj: Former EAM Was A Feisty Politician Till The End

Parul Chandra, New Delhi 7 August 2019

Her passing may not trigger any nationwide outpouring of emotion, but those whose lives she touched in the course of her long...

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Article 370 Repeal: Pakistani PM Raises Bogey Of ‘Nuclear War’

Team SNI, New Delhi 6 August 2019

Every Indian knows this: no one issue unites Pakistanis more than India, and if the sub-text is ...

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A Kashmir Policy, At Last!

Lt Gen. Vinayak Gopal Patankar, New Delhi 6 August 2019

Kashmir has been a part of me since 1972 but it’s only over the last quarter century that I have tried to delve deeper to s...

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Repeal Of Article 370 Is A Historic Moment For India

Team SNI, New Delhi 5 August 2019

Defying the shouts of the Opposition in the Rajya Sabha, the BJP has ensured that August 5, 2019, will be ‘remembered’ as...

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Union Territory Status Will Bring Development To J&K And Ladakh

Team SNI, New Delhi 5 August 2019

Abrogation of Article 370 that gives special status to the state of Jammu and Kashmir had long been on the BJP’s wish list ...

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