To Counter China, India needs NATO to function


NEW DELHI: French president Emmanuel Macron’s recent remark in which he called Nato ‘brain dead’ has prompted much speculation. The remark, which ironically became the highlight of a summit held to mark the 70th anniversary of Nato in London, has caused analysts to wonder as to whether global alliances are changing and whether we could be seeing the rise of a new world order. While it is too early to comment on this, the growing divide between the U.S. and Europe on various strategic issues such as handling Russia on Ukraine, tackling Turkey over the Syrian crisis and the growing demand by President Trump that Europe should pay its fair share for security, has certainly given cause for us to believe that we could soon be moving towards a Nato-less world. SNI editor Surya Gangadharan and opinion editor Ashwin Ahmad discuss the implications of such a world and conclude that the absence of the strong western alliance, accompanied by the U.S.’s steady retreat from its role as a superpower, will cause other powers such as Russia and China to further assert themselves in their respective regions. China’s assertion has strong implications for India who in the absence of Nato may increasingly have to turn to bilateral relations with like-minded countries to ensure its security and relevance in the region.


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