Under Gotabaya, India Has The Opportunity To Take Bilateral Ties Forward

NEW DELHI: A friendship nurtured over a decade begot SNI Editor-in-Chief Nitin Gokhale scooping an interview with the new President of Sri Lanka, Gotabaya Rajapaksa, just days after his election. In this edition of ‘Our Take’ with SNI Deputy Editor Parul Chandra, Nitin Gokhale share details of how the world exclusive came about and the plans of the new President of the strategically located Indian ocean island nation, both in the domestic and international arenas. Gokhale describes Gotabaya as a straight-talking man, a disciplinarian (given his army background) and his love for technology. Indeed, he said the Sri Lankan leader is a “technocrat” who may not be a mass leader like his elder brother and former President Mahinda Rajapaksa but has a clear vision on how he plans to bring about development in his country. This ‘Our Take’ also notes that now that there has been a sort of rapprochement between the Rajapaksa brothers and the Indian establishment, New Delhi needs to build on this to have robust ties with Colombo. At the same time, New Delhi will need to be pragmatic in its approach as the Gotabaya government will be equally receptive to China as it will be to India, says Gokhale. 


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