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Health Vs Protocol

When German Chancellor Angela Merkel is accorded a ceremonial welcome on the forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhawan on November 1, don’t be surprised or dismayed when she sits through the national anthems of her country and India. She will remain seated owing to some medical issues and it’s something she has been doing so at ceremonial events both at home and abroad, we learn. That she will remain seated during the playing of the national anthems has been made possible with India making use of certain provisions of the Order relating to India’s national anthem.

Due to the 65-year-old’s medical condition, certain provisions from the Order relating to the National Anthem of India will be  invoked to allow German Chancellor Angela Merkel to be seated while the national anthems are played during the ceremonial reception. The exemption, we also learn, is being invoked based on a request from the German side to accommodate Chancellor’s wish to be accorded the ceremonial welcome.

While there have been concerns about Chancellor Merkel’s health ever since she experienced trembling spells while standing, the German leader now in her fourth term seems in fine fettle. Indeed, the feisty politician who has dominated European politics ever since she became the first woman Chancellor of Germany in 2005 has dismissed concerns about her health.


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