Saturday, September 26, 2020
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Timing Issue

In the first week of November, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will head for Bangkok to participate in the 35th ASEAN Summit. The Summit meetings at the official level begin on October 30 and continue until November 4. The main Summit is scheduled for November 2 while the 16th ASEAN-India Summit is slated for November 3. The buzz is that at one point, India and Thailand were planning to have a bilateral visit by PM Modi to Thailand since he was already going to be in Bangkok. However, diplomats on both sides thought better of it as the Indian PM’s attendance at the Summit would’ve left him with only a few hours for the bilateral meet. Plus, no grand evening banquet would’ve been possible as there was time only to schedule a lunch. The bilateral visit, therefore, would be scheduled for another date, it was finally decided. Chinese Premier Li Lequiang though is expected to have a bilateral visit, staying on after the ASEAN meet ends on November 3.


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