Saturday, September 26, 2020
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She Knows Her Onions!

In the past, governments in India have been voted out over onions, their spiralling prices that is. On Friday, the Indian government faced embarrassment after visiting Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina raised the issue of India abruptly banning onion exports, leading to its shortage in her country. Speaking at the first India-Bangladesh Business Forum meet in New Delhi, Sheikh Hasina made her displeasure known in Hindi: “Don’t know why onion exports were stopped. Because of this, we are facing a little problem. Had we got some notice, we would have arranged supplies from elsewhere. In future, let us know a little in advance”. To drive home the point, she remarked that she’d even asked her cook to not use onions. With Union Commerce Minister Piyush Goyal present, the message was well received. In the evening, the Ministry of External Affairs said “we are trying to accommodate the concerns of Bangladeshi PM”.


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