‘Trump’s Appearance At Modi’s Rally Sends A Big Signal To Pakistan On Kashmir’


NEW DELHI: The fact that a U.S. president is appearing for the first time at an Indian prime minister’s rally is a big diplomatic victory for India. Speaking to SNI Opinion Editor Ashwin Ahmad, Washington-based analyst and columnist for the Economic Times Seema Sirohi believes that that the ‘politics’ of the rally is key here for both leaders. Trump desperately wants to reach out to the Indian-American community and persuade them to vote Republican in 2020 while for Prime Minister Narendra Modi it is a huge PR coup, especially as it comes after widespread criticism by the international media on J&K. Such a move is more bad news for Pakistan PM Imran Khan who has already ‘frightened’ the West with his daily threats of nuclear war. Politics aside, Trump is most likely looking for a major trade victory with India which if New Delhi can deliver, during the Modi visit, it will be a ‘major win.’


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