‘Good Time To Go Back To Trump’s 2017 Policy; Get Pakistan, Taliban To Change Track’


Ahmed Shah Massoud, the legendary guerrilla leader, was killed by Al Qaeda members posing as journalists on this day in 2001, two days before 9/11. U.S. President Donald Trump called off a meeting he planned with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and Taliban leaders in Camp David three days before the 18th anniversary of 9/11 and canceled talks that have been held for almost a year. What is the logic, why now when the Taliban was seen to be gaining continued legitimacy all the while talks were on, what does it mean for Afghans and the decades of daily attacks that have torn apart families, where does the poll process go from here and is the U.S. trying to push the Taliban and Pakistan to give more? Where does it leave President Trump even as his next poll process starts soon? India’s Ex-Ambassador to Afghanistan Vivek Katju in conversation with SNI Associate Editor Amitabh P Revi.


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