‘Theresa May Has Left The Country More Divided Than When She Took Office Three Years Ago’


As British Prime Minister Theresa May finally announces her resignation questions remain on her premiership and why she was unable to pull the country together to some kind of consensus on Brexit. Rashmee Roshan Lall, a London-based international affairs commentator, tells SNI’s Ashwin Ahmad that from the beginning the British PM completely mishandled the Brexit issue. From setting out the date for withdrawal from the EU without a vision or a plan, to not building up a cross-party consensus on Brexit till very late in the day, to refusing to clearly lay out the full costs of Brexit to Brexiteers till it was too late, the British PM allowed attitudes to harden and the country to become divided. The immediate result could possibly be that the hard right wing of the Conservative party may now triumph putting in an extremely right-wing Brexit supporter as PM post May’s exit.


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