Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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‘Mission’ Security Check

It was a ‘spooky’ experience for Indian invitees headed for the Pakistan National Day celebrations at the Pak High Commission in the Capital on Friday evening. What at first glance appeared to be increased security around the HC building turned out to be men in civvies deployed to ‘persuade’ guests to join the government’s official boycott of the event. And what a ham-handed attempt it was!
Not only were Indian guests stopped for ‘checking’ by these men at two barricades placed at either end of the road that runs outside the High Commission by security men in plainclothes but the majority was asked to desist from attending the event.
Arriving guests were told by the personnel manning these barricades, “ The government has announced the official boycott of the National Day so you should not go.” Or, “Don’t you know there is an official boycott?”
The invites were scrutinised, questioned about their identity, I-cards sought, names jotted, their vehicles (and perhaps even those inside) were videographed—all by men in plainclothes.
Journalists weren’t spared either from scrutiny. One intrepid hack told the cops, “Shall I give you my address too?” Another journo, while being dissuaded from going, was told, “You should make a conscious decision.” Another retorted saying he was not part of the government.