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“Military Should Have A Presence In Talks With Pakistan, When Leadership Decides”

Amitabh P Revi New Delhi 16 June 2019
Lt. Gen. Satish Dua (retired) has a ‘radical recommendation’. He tells SNI since Pakistan has an over-eminent position of the army in its governance, both sides should have a ‘military strand’ in any delegation-level talks if and when the government decides to re-engage. In a conversation with SNI Associate Editor Amitabh P Revi, the ex-Chief of Integrated Defence Staff talks about jointness of the three armed forces and the new Space, Cyber and Special Operations agencies that have been set up under his successor. General Dua also tells SNI that the there services have told the government there should be a full-time Chairman of Chiefs of Staff Committee with a mandate and a tenure of possibly up to 10 years. General Dua  also traces the history of world theatre commands back to 1980 and Operation Eagle Claw, when the U.S. mission to free hostages in Iran failed and insists India should jumpstart the process.

Lt. Gen. Satish Dua retired as Chief of Integrated Defence Staff to the Chairman Chief of Staff Committee (CISC) in November 2018. General Dua has served as General Officer Commanding 15 (Chinar) Corps in Jammu and Kashmir and was involved in the surgical strike in September 2016 post the Uri attack. He was commissioned into the 8th Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry (Siachen) in December 1979.

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